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Michael Laitman, PhD

Knowledge, Pleasure and Belonging

Q: Sometimes I feel like I’m making progress and I know things, but I don’t take pleasure in that. In fact, quite the opposite. Sometimes I think I’m paused or even going backwards. Is this normal? Are the sensations of knowledge and progress the pleasure itself?

A: First of all, you can see for yourself that the answers are not what the rabbi says, but what you receive from Above - within you. Only the answers you have reached by yourself are the true answers. The Light enters the vessel and fills it with Its attributes. The vessel “feels” them as its own and understands that this is the answer.

Furthermore, you can see that definitions have changed somewhat. If mere good feeling was considered pleasure in your eyes before, now the pleasure is the knowledge and the belonging to the purpose of creation. The definitions of pleasure and good feeling will change many times before the end of correction.

At that time, you’ll feel the Creator to the fullest, as He really is, instead of feeling Him through filters and screens. Everything we feel, understand, acquire, are all Him, which fills us completely.

To be more precise, we don’t attain Him; we attain the feelings that stem from Him, whereas He is within us. But the opposite is also true: our attainments are about Him, and we are within Him.

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