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Michael Laitman, PhD

Kabbalah in England

Q: I’m writing to you from London. Right now, it is impossible for me to study Kabbalah in Israel. Do you know of anyone in London who can help me get started? As I understand it, without a genuine Kabbalist rabbi and a group, I cannot make progress.

A: You have all our material on the site, lots of books and direct contact with us. Take the opportunity that you have and go ahead. For the time being, the Creator has given you all you need. It is enough for now, and if you feel an urge to visit us, you’re welcome here!

Each person chooses a teacher. Examine, study our material and ask other people questions. If their answers satisfy you, decide whether or not to study with them. It might be a little early for you to learn Kabbalah and correct your soul, and other texts, too, can satisfy you.

Check and see if there are other topics that interest you and, if there are, don’t give up on them. But that test is valid only after a few months of study, after you’ve studied at least the basics of Kabbalah.

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