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Michael Laitman, PhD

Virtual Studying

Q: I do not live in Israel, but I very much want to study Kabbalah. Please help me!

A: All the books by Baal HaSulam and Rabbi Baruch Ashlag are on the site and you can download them for free. After all, circulating the Kabbalah is my life’s work. Try to download all the texts and, if you study the material diligently, we’ll invite you to a seminar. Then you’ll decide if you want to stay.

In this life, we need only one thing - a desire for the Creator. If it’s there and it’s genuine, meaning above all other things, then He will fulfill it.

Q: Can I find an answer to my questions on your site?

A: Many people ask questions and don’t even bother to read the material on the site. If you want to understand something in a specific area, you should learn a little bit about the key concepts. I suggest that you read the material on the site, and I’m sure that you’ll find there the full answers to your questions.

I’m glad you have questions, but you can acquire knowledge systematically, which will allow you to answer your questions by yourself.

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