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Michael Laitman, PhD

Good and Evil

Tetzaveh [Command]

86) Moreover, words of Torah settle in only there, since there is no light except for that which comes out of that darkness. This is so because when that side surrenders, the Creator rises above and His glory grows. Also, the work of the Creator is only out of darkness, and there is no good except from within the bad. And when one enters a bad way and leaves it, the Creator rises in his glory. Hence, the perfection of everything is good and bad together, and to later depart to the good. And there is no good except for that which comes out of the bad. And in that good, the glory of the Creator increases, and this is complete work.

Nothing Is Superfluous

Aharei Mot [After the Death]

136) Ben Zoma was asked if it is permitted to castrate a dog. He replied, “Neither shall ye do thus in your land.” That is, anything that is in your land, you will not do, not even a dog, since as the world needs this, the world also needs that. This means that there is nothing superfluous in the land. This is why we learned, “And behold, it was very good” is the angel of death, who must not be revoked from the world because the world needs him. And even though it is written about the angel of death, “And the dogs are greedy, they are not satisfied,” it is not good that they will be revoked from the world. Everything is needed, both good and bad.

The Joy of Studying

Toldot [Generations]

57) The evil inclination is needed in the world like the rain is needed in the world. Without the evil inclination there would be no joy of studying in the world.

And Behold, It Was Very Good

Emor [Speak]

328) “And God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.” “And God saw all that He had made” was said generally, to include even snakes, scorpions and mosquitoes, and even those that are seen as the harm-doers of the world. About all of them, it is written, “And behold, it was very good.” They all serve the world, the leaders of the world, and people do not know.

329) While they were walking, they saw a serpent walking ahead of them. Rabbi Shimon said, “This one is going to make a miracle for us, for certain.” That serpent ran before then and was tied to an adder [extremely venomous snake] in the middle of the road. They fought each other and died. When they came to them, they saw them lying on the road. Rabbi Shimon said, “Blessed be the merciful One who made a miracle for us, for anyone who looks at that adder when it is alive—or if it looks at a person—is certain to not be saved from it, especially if it is close to him.” He called upon it, “No harm shall come to you and affliction shall not come near your tent. The Creator does His mission through everything, and we must not be contemptuous of anything that He has done. This is why it is written, ‘The Lord is good to all, and His mercies are over all His works,’ and ‘All Your works shall give thanks to You, O Lord.’”

Everything Is Required in the World.

Yitro [Jethro]

29) Everything that the Creator does above and below is true, and His work is true. There is nothing in the world that one should reject or despise, since they are all true works, and everything is needed in the world.

30) It is written, “If the serpent bites before being charmed.” The serpent does not bite people until it is whispered to from above. It is told, “Go and kill this or that person.”

31) Sometimes—as it does that—so it saves people from other things. Through it, the Creator works miracles to people; it all depends on the Creator; it is all the work of His hands. But the world needs them. If it did not need them, the Creator would not make them. Hence one need not be contemptuous toward things in the world, and certainly not toward the words and deeds of the Creator.

32) “And God saw all that He had done, and behold, it was very good.” “And God saw” is the living God, Bina. “Saw” means that He looked, to illuminate for them and to watch over them. “All that He had done” means it is all included as one, above and below. “And behold, it was very good” is the right side. “Very” is the left side, “Good” is the angel of life. “Very” is the angel of death, and it is all one matter for those who observe the wisdom.

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