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Michael Laitman, PhD


“We create nothing new.
Our work is only to illuminate
What is hidden within.”

Menachem Mendel of Kotzk


In each of us, there is a spark that calls to us from the deepest place. The hustle and bustle of everyday life may have blurred it in our minds, but each time we look at our children, it slips out of the dark and touches us deep within our hearts. For a fleeting moment, it reminds us that once, long ago, we were different. We had dreams and saw the world through different eyes—simpler, truer, purer, and more penetrating.

Today, a new generation is growing just around the corner, and it is unwilling to settle for what there is, and certainly not for what there was. This generation will not let that spark be put out. It is a generation that wants to know, to understand, and to discover what life is for. And they, our children, will not rest until we bring them something real, something to nourish their hearts.

Children of Tomorrow consists of inspiring yet poignant excerpts, put together from talks that Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman held with psychologists, educators, parents, and children. Together, these excerpts offer a taste of a profound, expansive educational method based on the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is intended for this generation.

It is a book that will bring a new light to those whose hearts are keen on education, parents who wish to see a brighter future for their children, teachers and educators who wish to broaden their horizons, and anyone whose heart still feels a tinge of the child within.

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