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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Appearance of The Zohar

The Zohar was destined to be concealed ... until the arrival of the last generation at the end of times, at which time it was to appear.

Rav Isaiah Horowitz (the Holy Shlah),
In Ten Utterances, “First Article,” p 17


Studying The Zohar at this time is much needed to save and to protect us from all evil, since the disclosure of this wisdom now, in flawed generations.

The Sage Yaakov Tzemach
in his introduction to The Tree of Life


At the time of the Messiah, evil, impudence, and vice will increase, led by the heads of the mixed multitude. Then the Hidden Light will appear out of Heaven — The Book of Zohar and the Tikkunim [Corrections], followed by the writings of our teacher, the Ari. And that study will root out the evil in his soul, he will be rewarded with adhering to the Upper Light, and will be rewarded with all the virtues in the world.

Rav Yitzhak Yehuda Yehiel Safrin of Komarno,
Heichal HaBerachah [The Hall of Blessing], Devarim (Deuteronomy), 208


This study has been revealed so brightly and expansively at this time primarily because the evil is greatly increasing and the assembly of Israel is falling. Through this study, the soul is purified. Indeed, while studying the secrets, and particularly The Book of Zohar and the Tikkunim [corrections], the soul illuminates.

Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Yehuda Yechiel Safrin of Komarno,
The Path of your Commandments, Introduction, “The Path of Unification,” 1, Item 4


Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai testified in the corrections that the book itself will be hidden until the last generation, the generation of the Messiah, for engagement in this wisdom to unite the Creator with His Divinity and to attach it to the exile is a great need. Hence, The Book of Zohar appeared in this last generation, to see if it shall be delved in truthfully, to give Divinity assistance and support.

Abraham Ben Mordechai Azulai,
Ohr HaChama (Light of the Sun) p 105, in the name of Ramak

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