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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Light of The Zohar

“And the wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament” are the authors of the Kabbalah. They are the ones who exert in this brightness, called The Book of Zohar, which is like Noah’s ark, gathering two from a town, and seven kingdoms, and sometimes one from a town and two from a family, in whom the words, “Every son that is born you shall cast into the river” come true…This is the light of this Book of Zohar.

The Book of Zohar with the Sulam [Ladder] Commentary, BeHaalotcha, Item 88


Happy and so blessed are we for having been rewarded with going by its light and contemplating the pleasant words from the upper brightness, the holy light. It is sweet to the palate and it is all delights, endless, infinite water, to understand and to be educated with the act of creation and the work of the Merkava [structure/assembly], and how to become a Merkava for uniting and returning the soul to its origin and root. This has been resolved and engraved in my soul: One who has not seen the Light of The Book of Zohar, has never seen Light.

The Rav Tzvi Hirsh of Ziditshov,
Ateret Tzvi [A Crown of Glory] Parashat BeHaalotcha


A new Light is renewed every moment, until it actually becomes a new creation, through The Zohar and our teacher the Ari.

Heichal HaBracha (Hall of Blessing), Devarim (Deuteronomy), p 11


And this book shall be called The Book of Zohar due to the influence of that Light from the Upper Radiance [Zohar]. Through its Light, all who engage in it impart by Divine Providence, for the Upper Light and abundance above the reason would was imparted in the secrets of the Torah. Since it flowed from there, this composition was called The Book of Zohar, meaning that it extended from that Zohar [Radiance].

Know the God of Thy Father, 2


To excite the hearts of Israel to Torah and to work in the wisdom of internality, which is sweeter than honey and nectar, opens the eyes, and revives the soul, hidden delight, sweet as the light to the eyes, and good for the soul, refining and illuminating it with good and upright qualities, tasting the flavor of the hidden Light of the next world in this world through the wisdom of The Zohar.

Rav Yitzhak Yehuda Yehiel Safrin of Komarno,
Netiv Mitzvotecha [The Path of Your Commandments], Introduction


One who studies The Zohar, his face radiates. This is why it is called The Book of Zohar [Book of Radiance]. ...It is an intimation of sublime affairs, for the word Zohar in Gematria is the Ein Sof [infinite].

Zohar, Livorno, publisher’s introduction


When engaging in this composition, one evokes the power of the souls with the power of Moses. This is so because while engaging in it, they renew the generated Light, which was created during its composition. And Divinity shines and illuminates from that Light as when it was first created. And all who engage in it reawaken that same benefit and that first Light, which Rashbi and his friends had revealed while composing.

Ohr Yakar [Precious Light], Gate 1, Item 5

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