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Michael Laitman, PhD

Correction of the Soul

The Baal Shem Tov says ... Saying The Zohar is good for the soul.

The Path of RASHI, in the name of Rabbi Hillel of Paritch


Each and every letter in The Book of Zohar and the writings of our great teacher, the Rav Chaim Vital … are great corrections for the soul, to correct all the incarnations.

Rav Yitzhak Yehuda Yehiel Safrin of Komarno,
Notzer Hesed [Keeping Mercy], Chapter 4, Teaching 20


My sons and my brothers, accustom yourselves to delve into the study of the words of The Zohar and the corrections. One who has never seen the Light of The Zohar, sweeter than honey, has never seen Lights in his life, and has never tasted the flavor of the Torah. Moreover, it purifies the soul and cleanses it. Even a mere utterance through the lips is a great remedy and correction for the soul. In particular, the book of corrections, which are the actual corrections of the soul from any flaw, blemish, and disease.

Rav Yitzhak Yehuda Yehiel Safrin of Komarno,
“Introduction to Atzei Eden [Trees of Eden]”


He should grow accustomed to studying in the Kabbalah, for reading the Kabbalah is a correction for this iniquity. This is why the Kabbalists were called “harvesters of the field,” for they cut off all the Klipot [shells]. And the study of The Book of Zohar is part of that correction.

Horns of the Righteous, Item 53


Five pages from the holy Zohar each day is a great benefit and a great correction for the soul, to illuminate, purify, and correct it. It heals and corrects the sins and transgressions of the soul.

The Staff of Ephraim, Item 516, Sub item 7


The interpreters wrote as follows: One who studies in the holy Zohar corrects the upper worlds, and one who studies in the corrections chases away the Klipot [shells] and corrects the world of Assiya. This is the reason why Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai established the holy book of Zohar in a great number and the book of corrections in a small number. This is the meaning of the words “And God created the two great lights,” implying to the holy book of Zohar and the book of corrections ... Thus, studying in them is a great thing for correcting worlds in heaven and in the earth.

Rav Chaim Huri,
Mercy and Truth

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