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Study Hours Prescribed by Sages

The Baal Shem Tov ordered his people to study the words of The Zohar prior to praying.

Rav Yitzhak Bar Yishaiah Atia,
Doresh Tov (Seeking Good), “Concerning The Zohar


Prior to prayer, speak as little as possible and study an item in the holy Zohar or the corrections, or the new Zohar.

“Order of the Day and Cautions of Holiness” in the House of Aaron prayer book


One should not pray before he studies in the holy Zohar, whether much or little.

The Pure Table, Paragraph 93, Item 2


Be sure to study the holy Zohar or the legends each night before going to sleep.

Rabbi Yehiel Michal of Zlotchov,
Conducts of Rabbi Michal of Zlotchov, item 21


Our teacher, the Baal Shem Tov wrote an advice to the rav Rabbi David of Michaelikov, how not to have nightmares: study one of the corrections of The Zohar before going to sleep.

The Crown of Shem Tov, in the name of Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov, the BAASHT


If one is rewarded with studying the holy Zohar in watches, thanks to him Israel will be redeemed from exile, which is like a night.

Prayer book, Gate of Heaven, in the order of the study that the ancient ones wrote


My soul so clings to The Book of Zohar that when I lay and when I rise I am attached to it. My heart is neither restful nor at ease for indeed, the power of engagement in it is known and famous; it is the source of all the books of the fearful.

From a letter of the author of Ateret Tzvi to his rav, The Raiah of Afta


Some study the holy Zohar all year long, dividing the pages over the days of the entire year. Happy are they and happy is their lot.

Rabbi Eliahu Ben Sulimani,
Elijah’s Throne, gate 4


The righteous Gaon, Rabbi Shlomo Bloch, said in the name of his rav, The Hafetz Chaim, “There are no limitations on studying The Zohar because it is mostly Midrash (commentaries). The Hafetz Chaim used to evoke everyone to study The Zohar of that Parasha (weekly portion of the Torah) every Shabbat, even unmarried men.”

Rabbi Yosef Ben Shlomo of Pojin,
Hosafot Binian Yosef (Yosef’s Building Supplements)


The first rule is to establish constant study, so this sacred study in the holy book of Zohar and the corrections will not stop, each of them learning his part one by one.

When Moses Raised, wondrous issues from
Rav Moshe Chaim Lozzato, the Ramchal


In his seminary, he established constant study of The Zohar, the corrections, and the New Zohar from dawn to dusk.

When Moses Raised, wondrous issues from
Rav Moshe Chaim Lozzato, the Ramchal


Also, be sure, my sons, to study or at least say each day in the early morning on an empty heart, a lesson in the holy Zohar. This is very good for the purification of the soul.

A Father’s Mercy, Paragraph 3


One should determine to study five pages of The Zohar each day. This is very beneficial and a great correction for the soul, to illuminate it, to cleanse it, to correct it, and to wipe out the thorns, bad qualities and ill wills, and to be rewarded with the pleasantness of the Creator.

Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Yehuda Yechiel Safrin of Komarno,
The Path of your Commandments, Introduction, “The Path of Torah,” 1, Item 31


My teacher (the Ari), gave Rabbi Abraham HaLevi good advice pertaining to attainment—to study The Zohar only for knowledge, without deep study, forty or fifty pages each day, and to read The Book of Zohar many times.

Rav Chaim Vital,
The Writings of the Ari, “The Gate of the Holy Spirit”


One should see that he completes the old Zohar and the New Zohar and the corrections each year. However, should he study the order of the portions of the holy Zohar by the order of weeks, sometimes he will need more than two or three weeks for one portion, that is, with longer portions.

Hence, one should establish the amount of study from the holy Zohar and the corrections as three pages each day, so he can complete the whole of the old Zohar the New Zohar and the corrections each year. And after studying three pages, he will establish his studies in the rest of the books of the Kabbalists and will study the books of Kabbalists in an order that he can, until he completes all the available books of Kabbalists. However, one should be sure to complete the holy Zohar and the corrections each year, and to do so for the rest of his life.

Rabbi Alexander Ziskind of Hrodna,
The Basis and the Root of the Work, “Sixth Gate, the Gate of the Sparkle”

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