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Michael Laitman, PhD

Competition for Mother’s Closeness

Question: How does one cope with envy and competition over the mother’s closeness?


Answer: It doesn’t depend on the children at all—only on the mother. Only she can position herself before them in such a way that they will be convinced that they are totally equal in how she treats them.

We learn that from the way the upper force treats us: One cannot attain the Creator unless connected through a bond of love to others, since the Creator appears precisely in one’s connection with others. This is how a mother must present herself to her children: They will receive love on condition that they come to her with disputes together. And when they approach her separately, each of them will receive a slightly cooler response from her.

This way, she gets them used to cooperating in the right way, meaning that a truly warm response can be received only together.

This kind of attitude builds within, systems that prepare one to be naturally inclined toward connection with others. Such people no longer see the goal itself, but ask from the beginning, “With whom can I achieve it?”

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