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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Family as a Small Society

Parents must build a small society together with their children, a society in which everyone makes concessions to the others for the good of the family. This good is greater than each family member’s personal benefit.

By wishing to place the family’s interests above one’s own, family members will set an example for the other family members.

It’s best if this can be done as a family game. This way, children will suddenly discover how much it can promote them, help them understand one another, feel satisfied, and enjoy how good everyone feels.

And what do you do if there is a child who is not willing to make concessions?

You must work with them with love, and thus strengthen everyone else. On the one hand, you need to show the child how much there is to lose because of unwillingness to put self second. But on the other hand, you can emphasize how much there is to gain if the child joins with everyone else.

It is best to do this at home, and to make sure that everyone plays together, as a family.

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