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Michael Laitman, PhD

Educational Soup

Elements of internality should be integrated into all of the children’s engagements throughout the day. This way, a child may play games, do sports, sing, dance, or eat, but still listen to discussions about the soul and study different topics.

The time at school should become a single whole, a “soup” that the child is in from morning until evening, one that concerns man and his world.

Children that grow in this way begin to view the world as a single whole, open to all the senses, to all channels, and this builds them.

Besides, in all those things, we must constantly integrate the work in the children’s society, from the relations they develop among themselves to the approach they develop toward the world around them.

We must teach them to view reality in a broad, integral manner. A child shouldn’t distinguish home from school, self from the world, or the perceptible world from the world beyond perception.



Everything should be included within

As one whole.


This is called

“Love your friend as yourself.”

When the child bonds with all the others

And feels that they are “his.”


There aren’t

Different topics,

A favored teacher or a hated one,

Friends he gets along with

And friends he does not get along with.


Nothing is divided,

But all is present now

To serve him.

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