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Michael Laitman, PhD

School Begins at Home

The school should be close to what is happening at home. In other words, the parents, too, must be involved in the child’s engagements at school.


If at school they are discussing how to change,

How to come closer to the purpose of creation,

How to bond,

The child should hear that this is the goal at home,

And see that this is what is

On the grownups’ minds, as well.


That way, the child will not feel detached from the adult society and will not think such thoughts as, “When I grow up I’ll do what I want. I just need to finish school and get out of here.” Instead, the child will see that the grownup world is dealing with the same thing that the school is dealing with, and will appreciate it.

Therefore, it is very important that teachers, educators, and parents all be involved in the same inner work, the same process as the children.

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