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Album of Drawings

How to associate diagrams and charts with the text:

The annotation P. on the diagrams indicates the associated paragraph number as found in the body of the text of Baal Ha Sulam e.g.

Figure 8. Olam HaTzimtzum

(The Preamble to the Wisdom of Kabbalah. P.14)

14) In order to save the creation from such remoteness from the Creator, the Tzimtzum Aleph (TA, the First Restriction) took place and separated Behina Dalet from the spiritual objects. This happened in such a way that the “desire to receive” turned into a space void of the light. After the Tzimtzum Aleph, all the spiritual objects have a screen on their vessel-Malchut in order to avoid receiving the light inside Behina Dalet.

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