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27. What Is “The Lord Is High and the Low Will See”

I heard on Shabbat Terumah, March 5, 1949, Tel-Aviv

“The Lord is high and the low will see.” How can there be equivalence with the Creator when man is the receiver and the Creator is the giver? The verse says to that, “The Lord is high and the low…”

If one annuls oneself, then one has no authority that separates him from the Creator. In that state one “will see,” meaning he is imparted Mochin de Hochma, “and the haughty He knoweth from afar.” However, a proud one, meaning one who has one’s own authority, is distanced, since one lacks the equivalence.

Lowness is not considered one’s lowering of oneself before others. This is humbleness, and one feels wholeness in this work. Rather, lowness means that the world despises one. Precisely when people despise, it is considered lowness. At that time one does not feel any wholeness, for it is a law that what people think affects a person.

Therefore, if people respect him, he feels whole; and those that people despise, they think of themselves as low.

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