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98. Spirituality Is Called That Which Will Never Be Lost

I heard in 1948

Spirituality is called that which will never be lost. Hence, the will to receive, in the form it is in, meaning in order to receive, is called corporeality. It is so because it will be cancelled from this form and will adopt the form of in order to bestow.

A real place in spirituality is called the place of reality, since anyone who comes there, to that place, sees the same form as the other. However, an imaginary thing is not called a real place, since it is imaginary and then everyone imagines it differently.

When we refer to the seventy faces of the Torah, it means that they are seventy degrees. In each degree, the Torah is interpreted according to the degree one is in. However, a world is a reality, meaning anyone who comes to any of the seventy degrees in that world attains the same form as all the other attaining who came there.

From that extends what our sages say, who interpret the verses of the Torah. They say that this is what Abraham said to Isaac, and other similar sayings of our sages. They would say what is said, what is explained in the verses.

The question arises, “How did they know what one said to another?” But, because those who reached the degree where Abraham (or anyone) stood, they see and know what Abraham saw and knew.

For this reason they know what Abraham said. And likewise in all the sayings of our sages when they interpreted the verses of the Torah. All that was because they, too, attained the degree, and each degree in spirituality is a reality. Everyone sees the reality, as all those who come to the city of London in England see what is in the city and what is said in the city.

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