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119. That Disciple Who Learned in Secret

I heard on Tishrei 5, September 16, 1942

That disciple who learned in secret, Bruria struck him and said, “ordered in all things,” if ordered in the 248, exists. Secret means Katnut (smallness), from the word Chash-Mal. Chash means Kelim de Panim (anterior vessels), and Mal means Kelim de Achor (posterior vessels), the Kelim below the Chazeh (chest), which induce Gadlut (greatness).

That disciple thought that if he had been awarded the state of Chash, a desire to bestow, and all his intentions are only to bestow, then he has been awarded everything. But the purpose of creating the worlds was to do good to His creations, to receive the most sublime pleasures so man would achieve the full stature, even below the Chazeh, meaning the whole 248. This is why Bruria told him the verse, “ordered in all things,” in all 248.

This means that he would extend below the Chazeh, too, meaning that he should extend Gadlut, too. This is Mal, speech, considered disclosure, to reveal the whole level. However, to avoid impairing, one must first receive the Katnut, called Chash, which is in secret, not yet revealed. Afterwards one needs to scrutinize the discernment of Mal, too, the Gadlut, and then the whole level will be revealed.

This is “ordered… and secure,” when the Katnut is already secured in him and he can already extend the Gadlut without fear.

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