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154. There Cannot Be an Empty Space in the World

I heard on Shevat 7, January 18, 1948, Tel Aviv

There cannot be an empty space in the world. And because man’s core is the desire, as this is the core of creation, this is where one’s greatness and smallness are measured. It follows that one must have some desire—either for corporeality or for spirituality. One who is devoid of any desires is considered dead, since the whole of creation is only the desire, considered existence from absence. And because he lacks this substance, the substance of the whole of creation, it is naturally considered that he is regarded as aborted who cannot last.

Thus, one should try to have a desire, as this is the whole substance of creation. But the desire must be clarified, as it is natural that each animal feels what is harmful to it. Similarly, we must take note that the desire will be for some thing.

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