Education Center


Education Center

Structured courses and materials for studying Kabbalah


Your First Course in Kabbalah

A short self study course introducing Kabbalah's basics


Your First Course in Kabbalah introduces the basic concepts that anyone interested in Kabbalah should know.

The course is comprised of recorded video lessons, discussing the unlimited potential for human perception, creation and evolution, pleasure and suffering, and the structure of reality.

The lessons are given by Bnei Baruch senior lecturer, Anthony Kosinec. more...


Live Interactive Course

A Free or Pay What You Want Live Interactive Course


The Development of the Soul course consists of two weekly classes over a 10 week period. This course provides a firm basis in authentic Kabbalah methodology, clarifying its purpose and use.

Registration is free, with a Pay What You Want tuition fee option, and provides:

  • 10 weeks of live lessons (20 classes, 2 classes per week),
  • Ability to ask the instructors questions during class
  • Free, optional access to a web-based community for questions between classes
  • Free PDF versions of all course materials
  • If you can't make it live, classes are available for free download & viewing
  • View the topics as part of the upcoming course's curriculum here »
  • More »

(Note: Following the initial Development of the Soul course, students are eligible to continue their studies into additional articles by the greatest Kabbalists of recent times. This study is recommended as preparation for the public daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman on Kabbalah TV, 8:00pm to 11:00pm ET Saturdays through Thursdays.)

The Education Center is also running in Spanish, German, Italian, French, Dutch and Turkish. Visit Kabbalah International to find the language that best suits you.

Kabbalah Library

Kabbalah Library

The primary source for authentic Kabbalah texts


Kabbalah Library contains the Kabbalah sources which base the study method at Bnei Baruch. Here you will find eBooks, articles, lectures and other study materials available to view and download free (note: purchasable versions of printed books and materials are available at Kabbalah Books). The Library also contains selected commentaries and introductory materials, all sorted by author. more...


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Bnei Baruch's Mission

Bnei Baruch is a non-profit organization for teaching and sharing the wisdom of Kabbalah. To maintain its independence and integrity, Bnei Baruch is not supported, funded, or otherwise tied to any government, religious or political entity. Its success in disseminating the Wisdom of Kabbalah to the world is directly related to the contribution of personal time and financial support by its students.