Lab-Grown Babies: The Future of Childbirth?

A scientist for Stanford University suggests that in 20 to 30 years people will be choosing children from a laboratory. Will it influence relationships? What about love?

Whether we realize it or not, reproduction has nothing to do with love or even sex.

Unfortunately, we get used to confusing those three things, and thus, we get ourselves into trouble without understanding their roots.

The desire to have kids is predetermined by our nature. In this regard, we are no different from animals. This is how the general system functions. Unlike animals, people feel pleasure from sex. Instead of being only an instrument for reproduction, it gains social context and the ability to influence our desires and minds.

In terms of love, love is a corrected and bestowing attitude toward others. It is not a kind of chemistry that appears as a “waltz of pheromones.” It’s a defined field of work that can be expressed in one phrase: “love your neighbor as yourself.”

If we live according to the law of loving others as we love ourselves, then nature will regulate our lives, so we could have time for enjoying something more important and heartfelt.

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