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Kabbalah Revealed Series
Presented by Anthony Kosinec
Lecture 1 of 15


A Basic Overview


Anthony Kosinec introduces “what Kabbalah is” and “what Kabbalah isn’t” in this overview of some of its basic concepts, and the difference between authentic Kabbalah and how Kabbalah is popularly viewed. He speaks from the perspective of “practical Kabbalah,” as taught today by Rav Michael Laitman, PhD. Essentially, this is the process of how to reveal Kabbalah’s hidden aspect: the Upper Worlds—what is hidden behind our five senses.  

Kosinec explains that understanding the Kabbalistic “language of branches” is the key to starting a practical application of Kabbalah. He also puts across that a misunderstanding of this language is the reason Kabbalah has been misinterpreted in myriad ways—as religion, mysticism, magic, and many others—and that the key to start applying Kabbalah practically is to first understand that its language only describes the Upper Worlds: higher levels of consciousness completely removed from everything we receive through our five senses. From this basis, one can begin learning what one can do in order to attain these higher levels of consciousness.

Lecture running time: 25 min 
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“Kabbalah Revealed” Episode 2

Perception of Reality

Anthony Kosinec explains how our five senses block us from perceiving the true, eternal reality, and how we can use what Kabbalists have discovered, to break through our limitations, and achieve the complete, eternal perception of reality.


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