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Dear friends!

For those coming to the Congress, there will be no pre-arranged accommodations, therefore, you have to book your stay independently.

We highly recommend that you book your stay as early as possible because September is the peak of the tourist season, and the most affordable hotels and hostels will soon be sold out.

We have thoroughly researched all booking options and would like to offer you the following:

1.For those coming to the congress we advise you to book comfortable hotels or hostels independently. You may book your stay through the international sites, such as www.booking.com or www.airbnb.com.

The most convenient site for finding a hotel in Kishinev with the most options is: https://www.hotelschisinau.com/

List of economy-class hotels:

Hotel “Aria”

Double occupancy room – from 50€
Triple occupancy room – from 66€
Single occupancy room – from 35€


Hotel “Cosmos”

Double occupancy room – from 40$
Single occupancy room – from 32$

The hotel is a few bus stops away from the Congress (trolleybus #4)

Hotel “Tourist”

4-occupancy room, economy – from 52$
3-occupancy room, economy – from 42$
Double occupancy room, economy – from 34$
Single occupancy room, economy) – from  28$

4-occupancy room, standard – from 60$
3-occupancy room, standard – from 51$
Double occupancy room, standard – from 45$
Single occupancy room, standard – from 36$

The hotel is located a few bus stops away (trolleybus #24, 10, 12) to Alexei Matveevich Str (State University) and an additional 20 minutes walk through a parking lot along the lakeshore to the MoldExpo center.

Luxury hotels:

Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel
Savoy Hotel
Berd’s Design Hotel
Dendrarium Prak Aparthotel

2. Booking of the comfortable rental apartments (for groups of 6-8 people) or homes (for up to 15 people) is a lot cheaper than hotels, and is closer in price to hostels.

Booking of such apartments can be done independently through the international booking sites like www.airbnb.com or the local site https://is.gd/1fvWTR

We ask that you book your accommodations in advance, since September is the peak of the tourist season, and many hotels and rental apartments are booked, making finding a place to stay difficult.

For any accommodation questions please email congress.booking@gmail.com

The most convenient method of transportation from the Airport is a taxi: 150 Lei ($8).

For transportation info within the city please visit the page.

A link to the city transportation is below.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Congress!

The list of accommodations (will be kept updated):