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Meeting duties team of the convention

The female Moscow duties team (not yet in full force) is holding a meeting: How do we form this team? What is the optimal way to combine everyone who wants to be on duties? It’s very delicate work! Very important work!

Work in tens at the convention

Please note that everyone at the convention will participate in a ten. Everyone is free to choose a ten to work with at the begining of the convention or you can stay with a constant ten. It’s important to note that your ten can’t be changed during the convention. For clarification: by a “ten” we [...]

Visit of the congress venue

This week the supply and maintenance departments visited Sibur-Arena together with the representatives of the catering company. Areas for the dining room and buffet are already specified. We are working on building a delicious menu. In the morning there is a buffet where you can have a snack (cakes, yogurt, bananas, apples) and you can [...]

Work is humming on all fronts

Friends are very busy preparing the congress. Negotiations are being conducted. The technical department has planned to visit the Sibur Arena (the congress venue) in the coming days to survey the hall. The food department is now carefully choosing the menu. The registration department is attentively processing a large number of accommodation requests. SONY DSC [...]

Meeting of United Virtual Group

A meeting was devoted to the preparation to the upcoming St. Petersburg congress. The meeting’s atmosphere could be described as a unity of thoughts and desires towards a common goal. A result is - aspiration to arrive to the congress as one person with one heart, to exclude all hindrances, to help to work each [...]

Meeting of the technical department

The layout of the hall will be similar to the convention held in Moscow (November 2015): men will be next to the teacher, women will be behind them (securely holding the lines). Your place is already waiting for you!