+373 780 118 10 (Русский), +373 696 815 22 (English) moldova.congress@gmail.com
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How do I reach the event venue?

All detailed information can be found on the site: How to reach the venue.

Is this your first congress?

Campus students, virtual MAK-Online students, and all first-time attendees are advised to concentrate on participating in the main events: lessons, seminars, cultural programs, etc… with no duties being assigned to them.

Can children come to the Congress?

Children younger than 16 years of age are not allowed at the Congress.

Will I be able to get books or souvenirs?

There will be no books or souvenirs sold at the congress.

What currency can the congress and accommodations be paid in?

Payment for the Congress can be made by credit card at the registration page, or at the Congress venue in local currency. There is no currency exchange at the Congress venue. We recommend that you make your currency exchange at the Kishinev airport. The currency exchange rate at the airport is the same as in town. Credit cards are accepted in most hotels, as well as cash in local currency (Lei).

Will I be missing a part of the lesson when on duties?

You can listen to the live lesson on the FM radio during your duties. Please make sure that you bring a radio and headphones to the Congress. More detailed response by M. Laitman

What languages will the FM translation be broadcasted in at the Congress?

The Congress will be held in Russian. There will be a live radio translations into English, Hebrew, and Spanish.

Where and how does one register for the Congress?

Registration Page

Will there be an organized group excursion?

Yes, we are planning to organize a group trip. For more information click here.