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Study Materials Moldova Convention:

The information is being prepared and will be available soon.

Kabbalistic workshops allow us to communicate on a deeper level, expand our perspectives, deepen our perception, help us get to know ourselves and experience life’s fullness through deep connection with other people. The workshop leads to a truly intimate, open communication.

We are all different. During workshops, we are guided towards uniting above our differences. Is it possible? Yes, it is. The most important condition of the Kabbalistic workshop is adherence with the workshop rules, a few basic guidelines that all members need to follow in order for the workshop to reach a successful outcome.

The workshop’s goal is to bring all its participants to experience a deeper connection with each other. It does so by guiding its participants to identify the common communication network between us.

Sitting in a circle, we will work on a question. We work on connecting among each other, and with the common center of the circle, focusing on speaking from the heart, and not on words and phrases that have been “learned” and “rehearsed.”

By engaging intensively in the workshop process, we learn, develop and discover how to care for and love other people, and how to always seek the common space between us where we are all equal, above our differences.