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Dear friends!

The topic of the convention will be: spiritual progress through Ahishena (I will Hasten it). Rav gave the task to search and choose parts from the primary sources and articles relating to this topic.

Please read the text (click on the link below) from the lesson from the New Jersey convention and fill out the three-question form. Additionally, list the appropriate excerpts (from the Book of Zohar, works of Rabash and Baal HaSulam), articles, links to articles or simply titles of articles that can be the basis for the content of convention lessons:

From the conference with Rav 29.05.2016

Question: I would like for you to clearly define the theme of the convention.

  1. Laitman: The theme of the convention is what we’re all going through right now and will continue to go through going forward – the path of Ahishena. Meaning, we must hasten our advancement to the point where we will determine the pace and style of our development, and not the suffering that would drive us from one corner to another, all the while invariably driving us in the right direction. Do you understand? This is what’s important for us. We have reached this level already. We see that the group is ready for it.
    How do we gather, how do we “bunch up” all together, how do we inspire each other – this is the true Kabbalah, the true actualization of Kabbalah. We need to work hard at the St. Petersburg convention, in the workshops and in the lessons.
    This theme will then stay with us for a long time afterwards. Other, more minor themes — subthemes – will link up to it. I’m talking about a general attitude to life, when you’re always searching how to hasten your spiritual development – precisely group development, and not personal development. This is the most important, fundamental theme.

    Question: You gave a task to the content team, we’ll prepare excerpts on different topics.
  2. Laitman: This theme will be discussed at the convention for sure: how do we tune ourselves to a greater desire for the spiritual, for it to always drive us from within? So that it wouldn’t let us rest, but would always burn inside of us. This is how we must live and the environment must provide it for you. You must always be in this tension. Don’t worry, you won’t get sick from it – just the opposite, you’ll be healthy. This burns off all toxins in the body.
    We must start feeling precisely this, that it’s coming to us from the group – both in the good sense and in the bad. Both in the sense of competitiveness, and responsibility for each other. This is all essential, and it must be processed and manifested very prominently at the convention! We must undergo these states all together! We must literally live through them, to grind them among each other so that we see that without it we’re nothing but animals, or even plants.

Today we are having three tasks:

  1. Collect excerpts from the sources on the topics: faith above reason and connection above all disturbances.
  2. Collect excerpts from the sources on the topic: advancement by the path of Ahishena (I will hasten it/I awaken the dawn, not the dawn awakens me). How do we form such a Hisaron (defficiency) that will be larger and more affective than all the disturbances and blows? How do we make spiritual progress with joy and the sensation of goodness, and not have it be as a result of blows and suffering?
  3. Collect excerpts from the sources on the topic: Suffering the torments of love, when I   feel that I need to bestow but I am not able to do it.

Fill out this questionnaire: