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Lesson Topics for the Moldova Kabbalah Convention

DAY 1:

Lesson 1. Dissolving in the friends

How to dissolve:

  • For everyone to break out of their “Self”
  • To begin to feel the state of “We”
  • To feel the Creator inside “Us”

Lesson 2. To become ready to be influenced by the society

I feel that:

  • Everyone has the same intent as I do
  • It has a compulsory effect on me;
  • We influence each other in a good, kind way
  • I am surrounded by an environment that warms me up to the point of melting

Everyone must:

  • Swim with the current
  • Completely eliminate their “Self”
  • Feel the influence of the society on him
  • Act along with them, as if one has no strength of his own
  • Give in to the influence of the group
  • Continue to dissolve in it more proactively

Lesson 3. How can I affect the society?

  • How do I exalt my friends?
  • How do I help the friends to dissolve in each other?
  • How do we reach the state of ascent?

DAY 2:

Lesson 4.  Rejoice in what we lack / Work in concealment

  • We begin to rejoice at what we lack today;
  • Yesterday’s achievement; last night we reached a great collective ascent, which is gone today
  • This is a good state, the next state is greater than the last
  • How do we work with it?
  • How do we help each other?
  • How does a ten help another ten?

Lesson 5. Turning to the Creator

  • How do we turn to the Creator?
  • How do we form a prayer?
  • First, we thank the Creator for bringing us to this state, after we’ve determined this state to be necessary.
  • Second, we have to be grateful that the Creator has brought us to this state.
  • Third, what should we ask for?
  • Gratitude: any request to the Creator must include gratitude for the state that one finds himself in, otherwise one can not form the right request.
  • Request: what is it?
  • How do we figure out the right request to the Creator from each person?
  • And request to the ten?
  • How to arrive at a single question from the center of the ten?
  • If we reach such a state, then everything is clearly aimed toward the Creator.

Lesson 6. We direct ourselves toward the mutual contact with the Creator

  • We will all be checking whether anyone has received any answers from the Creator
  • We will check what we have heard
  • Raise your hands, each from his heart and mind, tell everyone what you have heard
  • Discuss the answer, how does it affect our connection
  • We are trying to determine a mutual contact with the Creator from our unity
  • We demand, we desire, we request, seek a two-way contact with the Creator
  • What else are we lacking in order to achieve it?
  • A greater connection between us
  • “Align” yourselves with each other
  • Just like you tune a device, when you fine tune it, set up the parameters in order to establish the right frequency and feel the Creator within us

DAY 3:

Lesson 7. Collecting all the states toward the Creator/ Building the Creator

  1. A few excerpts, like “There is none else besides Him”:
  • The Creator is in everything
  • We are inside Him, we can not escape Him
  • He is the only one who’s “spinning” all of us around
  • Any states that we undergo all come from Him and are inside Him, within Him

  1. We must constantly undergo ascents and descents, ascents and descents, precisely in these states:
  • We must understand that we will constantly have ascents and descents, and that they will be steeper and steeper. Then, we will clearly understand how to advance.
  • The state that we are currently experiencing between us, understanding that it is constantly locking and unlocking, and with such start-stop movements we advance forward
  • Therefore, we must create such internal feeling inside us, that this is the only way we advance
  • Sometimes we can compare it to the pump car: we pull the lever back and forth, back and forth, and so it moves forward. This is the only way we can advance toward the goal.

  1. Support is the main thing
  • No wonder the Kabbalists said: “Everything I learned, I learned from my students.” This was true for Rabbi Yosi ben Kisma and the others. Thus, the most important thing is the group, the environment.
  • If I have a group of my students, even beginners, and I come to them – through them I have a contact with the Creator. If I do not come to them, I will not establish the contact with the Creator. Therefore, it is so important to have an environment, a group.
  • This is what we have to praise all the time and constantly hold on to, and keep working on this “pump car” – keep pushing it. They keep pushing it off of them, and I keep pushing it off of myself, and so we keep moving forward.

Lesson 8. Creating the communication center for the Russian-speaking Kli

  • We have to make sure that our advancement is more unified and harmonious, that we don’t lose connection with each other

Make sure there is an on-going committee which:

  • Connects all the groups
  • Has a sense of where/what is happening
  • Gives us a full picture of what is happening, and what must be done

For the individual advancement of each person depends on it

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