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Dear Friends!

We want your congress experience to be spent in the spirit of joy and unity, and for you to get as much joint impressions and inspiration as possible. We invite you to soak up the Moldovan flavor and visit several amazing places that will leave an unforgettable impression.

We are planning the following tours:

  1. Wine cellars of Mileștii Mici – wine tasting and meal, featuring authentic national cuisine (30-35 Euros).
  2. Wine cellars of Cricova – wine tasting, and an Old Orhei Nature Reserve tour, including a meal featuring authentic national cuisine (50-55 Euros).
  3. Tour of Kishinev (6 Euros)

Tour datesSeptember 4, 5, and 9 (all trips are available each day, you can participate in one tour per day)

Tour details

1. Milestii Mici wine tour, featuring the tasting of 5 wines and national dishes

The oldest storage of the “sacred drinks” in Moldova was founded in 1969. The streets of the underground wine-making city are located on the 55 km stretch. It has its own infrastructure, roads, road signs, traffic lights and wine rivers flowing along wine channels, on the banks of which, instead of houses, huge barrels are rising.

The so-called “Golden Collection” is stored in the “underground kingdom”, which includes 2 million bottles of wine from the 1986-1991 harvests and is included in the Guinness Book of Records. You can ride the labyrinths of the underground storage in a car. Even more interesting is to walk through the streets of “Cabernet”, “Aligote”, “Feteasca”, see the cathedral ceiling from the shell rock, huge oak barrels exuding wondrous wine aroma, ancient lanterns, and natural springs bursting through from the depths of the mountain rock. The tour includes: a walk through the tourist complex and underground galleries, accompanied by a professional guide.

The total tour time is 3 hours.

2. Old Orhei, includes a meal featuring national dishes 

In the Orhei nature-cultural reserve of Moldova is the archaeological complex Old Orhei, known for the diversity of its monuments characteristic of different time periods and ethnic groups. The complex stretching along the Reut River has retained significant historical artifacts, starting with the remnants of the once great Hetus fortress, the ruins of a mosque, mausoleums from the time of the Golden Horde, and even a medieval settlement. The largest part of the complex is made up of an impressive multi-culture rock monasteries, which previously served as a refuge for cave people. Now their walls are adorned with the writing in Moldovan language of the 16-17 centuries. The natural beauty simply does not allow you to remain indifferent. A fascinating view of calm Reut River from the height of the rocks will remain in your memory for a long time. The ancient peasant houses were converted into restaurants where we will be offered to participate in the preparation of the national dishes.

Underground city of Cricova with wine tasting

An unusual city that has never seen daylight, but will give each of its visitors the warmth. Cricova is an underground wine center, whose galleries stretch for more than 120 km. The famous collection includes unique vintages of Spanish, Italian, and French wines.

Today, Cricova winery is a unique establishment in Moldova, which utilizes the characteristic French winemaking technique for champagne production. Exquisite tasting rooms, more reminiscent of true works of art, are a perfect setting to try the magnificent Cricova wine.

The total tour time is 6 hours.

3. The Tour of Kishinev is a date with the city

Our goal is to debunk the myths about tedious excursions and share the impressions about our city with travelers. We want to show it from an unexpected angle, tell you about the unknown facts and numerous legends, point out some interesting sites. We try to tie pieces of history together in order to get a portrait of a city that is dear to our heart.

The program includes:

  • Bus tour,
  • Walking tour,

(Wine tasting with a professional sommelier is possible upon request for an additional fee).

The total tour time is 3 hours.

Tour Registration

Advance registration only.  Excursions will take place only if there is a sufficient number of people interested. Registration results will be announced.

Group registration for the tours

Individual registration for the tours