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The Upper Force is present in the meal. The meal represents the reception of the Light that brings us to the Source; the Light that keeps the body and the soul alive. That is why Rabash conducted meals in complete silence. Conversations at the table were not allowed. Every person had to work on inner concentration and inner self-talk.
There was a very strict order directed entirely towards the inner work. The atmosphere was so intense; every person had to build intention for every little crumb he put in his mouth. If after the meal, he would try to remember what he ate, he would be unable to recall. It was not important how the dishes tasted, since the taste was acquired not from the food, but from the state attained during the meal.
We cannot follow the same rules that were applied at Rabash meals, but we must try to do our best as much as possible. Our community is very different from others, since we are striving to achieve the spiritual goal. Therefore, let us begin to rise, gradually, step by step.