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Similarity to Nature Is the Guarantee of Safety

– Parents worry that a child growing up in this kind of society may become excessively dependent on the opinion of others and will lose his independence.

– I think that’s nonsense. The greatest force that provides everything in the world is the force of Nature. If I am similar to it, then I have nothing to fear. I won’t be weak, constantly protecting myself, living in fear, and expecting a blow. This kind of life really is worse than death. On the contrary, I will be strong, independent, sensible, calm, and balanced.

Besides, I cannot imagine a normal parent telling his child, “Be strong and arm yourself. Someone five feet away from you just spit; go kill him. Someone behind you cursed; turn around and shoot him.” We guide children to be gentle to the people around them because this is the safest for our children. We say, “Don’t talk back,” “Go some place else,” “Don’t be around these people,” “Treat others properly and kindly.” This creates a favorable environment around a child and reduces the probability that someone will hurt him.

Parents have always instructed children to be gentle, kind, move away from harmful or evil things, and closer to good things. It is the same in every society, especially in a global and integral society, which is where we are.

Even if such a person is an athlete and physically strong, he won’t use that force negatively. He will have developed his body because he wants to feel confident, but without getting into an aggressive mindset from the start.

– Now that we have begun to implement this method, the question of studios or workrooms arose, meaning places where a child can realize his unique abilities, such as singing, playing musical instruments, learning math and sciences, and so on.

Also, at some age, children start needing to learn some kind of marshal art. Is there any point in creating a class like that?

– We think that all games have to be played in teams. If the whole team wins, then I feel like the winner together with others, but I should never feel like I stand out. Games have to be part of upbringing. But if I set one person against another, this goes against Nature’s demand.

Maybe this skill can come in handy in certain circumstances. But in truth, I don’t see how people who know combat skills can be successful, how they will defend themselves this way, and how this will enable them to save their own lives and the lives of others.

I think that all of this is just the advertising done by the owners of these clubs. Nature does not have any apparent evidence that it is necessary to be physically strong or to have the upper hand over others. Not only do individual people differ from one another, but so do nations: Some are more physically enduring and strong, and others are weaker. But this does not affect anything.

Only one’s similarity to Nature brings every person and every nation as a whole to a comfortable state.

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