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Revealing the Nature of Goodness

– Who sets the rules in this integral, global game that can happen over the internet?

– We do. The whole point of the game is that it practically doesn’t have any rules. We, the players, gradually create these rules by ourselves. Together, we gradually accept them, approve them, and correct them. We constantly perfect and change them because it is a living system.

We are building an integral community out of ourselves. And in it, you and I determine which laws and rules of behavior we have to observe so we can all spin like cogwheels, function as best as possible, and provide each other with the utmost support.

Let’s start developing this system. I am certain that all of this is inherent in Nature. As soon as we start moving according to its plan, which wishes to come to life within us, we will start receiving clues. The crises are happening because we are going against this plan. It’s as if we are constantly trying to trip ourselves up.

When we start working according to Nature, we will start having the right thoughts and desires. We will begin to understand each other better, and completely different rules will form. Even our feelings and thoughts will shift from egoistic to integral. We will start solving tasks differently, and we will see completely different layers of Nature, which are more internal. We will see from where Nature governs us.

Today we perceive all of Nature through the lens of our egoism, paying attention only to what is profitable for us or threatens us. I don’t see the rest of Nature.

All kinds of things might be happening around me, but I observe the surrounding reality only to the extent of my ego’s development—what is good for it and what is bad. I screen all the information and all the influences that affect me through this filter.

It’s as if everything else doesn’t exist! I don’t notice anything else. Suppose that tomorrow my egoism grows bigger (in fact, it is always growing). In that case, I will suddenly discover new phenomena and laws in Nature. Everything is determined by the growth of my egoism.

But if in addition to our growing egoism, we begin to create an integral system among us, then we will let completely different information from Nature pass through to us, into this integral connection. And this information will be altruistic instead of egoistic.

When that happens, we will start to understand Nature’s second force—not the egoistic one, which we feel today, and in which we see only a struggle of opposites. Behind this second force, we won’t see a struggle, but tremendous kindness, love, and reciprocity, which is exactly what causes life to continue. Life would never have emerged in Nature without the existence of a good force that pushes everything toward unity and growth. Today we seem to observe only the evil force of Nature, but we can discover the good, kind force as well.

Of course, “good force” and “evil force” are just words. Everything is perceived in relation to the observer, but we will discover myriad new things. On the juxtaposition of these two systems—by perceiving Nature egoistically or altruistically—we really would understand the kind of world we live in. Then we could begin to understand our state before birth and after death.

There are a lot of conjectures here, but in general all of this is being revealed to us today as a possible field for research.

– Are you saying that this good force potentially exists, and our task is to reveal it by interacting correctly? I am a bit skeptical. The internet has been in existence for several decades by now. In Europe and America, an entire generation has already been raised on it who are now 40 years old. As a psychologist, I encounter these people and I know that they have lost the elementary skills of natural physical communication. Therefore, I feel cautious and am wondering whether man will lose these skills if he becomes immersed in our virtual game system?

– Development does not depend on us. In the best case scenario, we are observers, if we are even able to observe and properly assess what is happening, because it depends entirely on the development of our nature.

We have created the internet because our development from within pushed us to do this. We did not create it 100 or 1,000 years ago because our inner, egoistic consciousness and desire did not yet push us to it.

The time has come, so the necessary technological conditions have been created. The need for this kind of communication arose and that’s why it emerged and came about. There is no point going back or trying to go against this flow. On the contrary, I would look ahead. After all, through this system humanity is discovering itself as more connected, and not in the physical sense. Besides, what does a connection through our bodies give us?

Today we are not using this connection to the full extent, except to fulfill our petty egoism, to make a profit or manipulate people.

What if we started using the internet as a good, virtual community, which will then elevate us from the virtual connection to the integral, spiritual one? Then, with people’s spirit and proper communication, they will acquire a completely different sensation of togetherness and of each other. This is impossible without the internet, so I look at all of this as positive.

In general, I don’t see anything negative in humanity or its progress. Of course, this progress could have been much more productive and merciful, but that depends on humanity’s behavior in this process, the extent to which we do not resist it, understand it, and participate in it to the best of our ability.

In my opinion, the exit from the physical contact to the virtual, egoistic contact, followed by the transformation of the egoistic, virtual contact to the altruistic, integral one, will bring is to a completely different state. Gradually, we really will lose the sensation of the still, vegetative, and animate world, and will cross over to a state where everything is determined by energy, information, and our thoughts and desires, instead of the comfort of our animate bodies.

This is the next phase of human development. There is no other possibility! This is where Nature is pushing us. The phases we have gone through clearly show that humanity has to climb to the level of thoughts, desires, and information where we are all interconnected. This, strictly speaking, is what defines a community as human. The human community is not our bodies, but precisely the inner filling.

– A few days ago I met a young man who spent all of his time in virtual space. As a result, he lost his job and was evicted from his apartment. The question is: If this virtual space is so attractive and corresponds to the laws of Nature, then where is the correlation between the virtual space and the physical one? Should I still devote time and attention to earning money so I won’t be evicted from my apartment?

– This is an important problem: How do we realize ourselves in the integral community in our day-to-day lives? Me, my family, my job, society, and the world—how does our unity on the internet impact our world and our lives, and accordingly, how do we gradually transform our families, our relationships with our relatives and with the people close to us, the government, our country, and the world? How do our social and economic relations change according to this, as well as industry and government? This is an important topic that requires considerable attention.

Today humanity is beginning to feel Nature’s challenge—that something unknown and menacing is rising before us. This call of Nature is quickly becoming real, and our problem is only how to partake in this realization in order to feel ourselves swimming along with the flow rather than paddling against it, thus suffering unexpected cataclysms and crises.

– And what if I haphazardly give myself over to this virtual, integral game?

– But you have to participate in it intelligently, understand it, and make independent moves. It requires your live participation. You cannot say, “I’ll jump in and let the current take me wherever it goes.” The current won’t take anyone anywhere because Nature requires that we participate consciously, ascend to a level where we feel the whole world and participate in the process together with everyone. You press on your linkage with the whole world! And this is exactly what Nature requires of us.

Currently, it is leading us on the harsh path, showing us that if we don’t press on our linkage with everyone else in order to act congruously, it will hit us. This is the reason for today’s crises, which will force us to achieve collaboration.

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