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A Person and the Environment

– In fact, there is individual and integral perception. Individual perception is also integral, but unconsciously. There is also integral information that is perceived consciously, which enables one to attune and expand the boundaries of perception. As a perceiving object, I can attune and form myself under the influence of a surrounding environment that I chose in advance, by encountering and coming in contact with it, thus entering an integral connection with it.

This happens in life as well. If I want to be a computer programmer, I have to go to a programming workshop that is staffed by good programmers. I have to listen to them praising their mastery, caring for it, and admiring good workmanship. That way they will evoke my desire or aspiration to this profession. Then I will be able to expand the boundaries of my perception, I will acquire specific sensations and a sensitivity for things that I completely didn’t feel before.

Everything depends on the environment. If you leave a baby in the forest, it will grow up an animal. Depending on the environment you place it in, that is what it will become. This points to the fact that a person can be formed and regulated.

It’s not that he will become different. We have already noticed a while ago that we are a product of the environment. But how to change ourselves under the influence of the environment is, of course, a very interesting question. We look ahead, research it, and form groups of children to elucidate it.

We are looking for possibilities to unite children by shared qualities, specific abilities, or a natural inclination toward something specific. Or vice versa, we can create groups out of completely opposite individuals who will unite with each other to create a diverse collective. The research can be very interesting.

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