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Integral Perception of Information

– When we talk about perception of reality, I don’t really understand what you mean and there are many questions left.

– Give me a summary of what you know about the perception of reality from the standpoint of psychology, and I will tell you what I know from the standpoint of my profession.

– This is an entire field in general psychology and over the last century, great discoveries have been made in it, especially during combat in the Second World War and its aftermath. As strange as it may seem, this was precisely the time when great discoveries such as Kurt Lewin’s theory were made. Lewin’s theory is about the psychological force field. Lewin was no less of a genius than Freud, but most people ignore his theory and continue to live as they always have.

The discovery he made is that a person’s perception is determined by his necessity, that it is not closed off within the person, but that perception is a system that consists of both a person and the environment. Accordingly, the necessity of the pressure is formed precisely in an environment, which changes a person’s perception of the external world.

We‘ve said that when children unite in a group the right way, something emerges that enables a child to perceive fundamentally new information, which he could never discover on his own. What is that information, what is so special about this force field, and how does this mechanism work?

– Are you talking about the possibility of integral perception of information?

– Yes.

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