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Self-Education for Children and Adults

– In order to realize this method, there have to be deliberately prepared educators who understand integral upbringing. How should their preparation be arranged?

– We have to set up television courses for all age groups. These educators can be 10 year old boys and girls, their 40 year old parents, and even the grandfathers and grandmothers. Everyone will study.

For those who complete this TV course, which will take three months, for example, and who desire to keep studying, there will be an opportunity to become a professional educator. We invite them. They will come to us for a seminar where we will see how they have absorbed, internalized, and learned the basics, and most important—the spirit! We will feel to what extent they can interact with people, and particularly with children. Then we will give them a scholarship and start teaching them. And alongside the learning, they will come in contact with children and form groups.

Once children complete their studies in regular school (in this regard we do not change anything), they get together in an after-school program where they are enveloped by integral upbringing. There they hold debates and discussions, develop contacts, and resolve conflicts the right way.

On TV, there are courses given to these groups that are demonstrational studies, while they realize them in their groups. That is how the system of preparation starts to operate, the system of training and further development of this entire system.

Every person finds his own place there. We need a great number of educators, and there is concealed unemployment all over the country. Educators receive the average salary. The children are busy. And there are no great expenditures.

As a result, we involve children and a great number of the adult population in self-education and upbringing. This process is mutual. It transpires constantly, both inside the individual and in his connection with others.

I think we can expect to see serious results within a few months. Society will be revitalized and all the costs will pay for themselves. We can ask and demand the means for these reforms from wealthy people, who will simply be ashamed not to participate in this because what’s at stake is the future of the country.

This government program on the backdrop of today’s void in upbringing and education is a virtuous step. That is how it should be perceived. We don’t have to convince anyone. There are numerous scientists, psychologists, sociologists, and political scientists who understand that this is the cure for the modern society.

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