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How to Realize the Method

– Is it necessary to bring this method to every person? Also, who should carry out this task—perhaps artists, scientists, and educators? And what means can we use?

– We can make documentaries and movies on this topic, produce plays, create television programs and computer games. We have to hold panel games and debates on this topic on TV and in the press.

Because this method talks about the society of the future and the format of that society, it can encompass any layers of society. There are various ways of implementing it and showing it to a person. I think that we have to get the government interested in this as well.

This can be done by the people who bring their ideas to the top through memorandums and counsels. In any society and in any government, there are research institutes, social science and political science groups whose opinions are well heard. We can operate through them.

It’s also worthwhile to pique the interest of TV directors. After all, this topic is very interesting. If several famous people take part in discussing it, then of course it will be interesting enough, and they will be able to allow themselves the liberty, from the standpoint of safety, to bring these ideas to the public judgment. It is necessary for experts, including economists, sociologists, and psychologists to show, each from his own point of view, what the society of the immediate future should look like.

Nature compels us to bring up the young generation. We are not talking about ourselves—adults—now, but about raising children.

Today, not one country has an intelligible program of upbringing. All the education systems, including UNESCO (and I am not just informed about this from hearsay) are in a sorry state. They don’t have any ideology or concrete plans. They are ready to hear out anyone who has ideas in this area because they have none of their own.

If we begin to offer the idea of integral upbringing—and this is something that psychologists, sociologists, educators, and teachers are already talking about—we will demonstrate the need for this within the framework of discerning what the society of the future is. We are talking about the future with the hope that we have one, and this will happen only if we can overcome today’s universal, manifold, systematic crisis, which has nothing but human egoism in it.

How can we begin to rise above it? How can we elevate man so he can connect with other people without closing himself off, so he knows how to have a family the right way, how to coexist with the spouse and the children, with neighbors and coworkers? We have to elicit society’s insistent necessity to resolve this question.

I don’t see any obstacles from the government, church, school, or family. No one can object to movement toward unity among people. At least there shouldn’t be any apparent objections.

Thus, we have to start with the department of education.

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