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“Good Internet” for Adults

We hope that in time we will be able to present the same method to adults as well so they will also be able to experience the state of emotional comfort and will realize that a person’s life can be completely different. There are many psychological exercises that enable people to start looking at life, society, and themselves differently, to see different possibilities of living and to be thankful for being alive. Then they won’t be depressed, like half of humanity, and won’t constantly feel dejected, stressed, anxious, protective, and on the defensive. This is what we are increasingly observing in our society.

Among adults we hope to do this through “good TV” or “good internet.” We have an internet section called “a good environment.” And we hope to attract people who feel bad or find life difficult and burdensome, with diverse programs, discussions, and productions.

A person wants to take his mind off things, but it’s impossible to do that today. He turns on any TV channel just to see violence, problems, horrors, and constant struggles. In short, he sees vicious expressions of egoism and individualism. As a result, he is infused with these mindsets.

We think that if we let people see something else, they will gradually move away from these sinister examples provided for them by the mass media.

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