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My Friend Egoism

– There are already events like this for adults, such as psychotherapists getting together for summer courses. To facilitate it, we have to determine several things for it to work properly. Does a camp have to be a summer event, or can it be done several times through the year?

– We are trying to organize these kinds of meetings any chance we get, whenever children have free time, such as during the second half of the day, on weekends, or during vacations. Besides, they can communicate with each other online and constantly be in these “good communities” from home.

It’s very interesting to observe the times when they fall out of these communities. One minute they seem to be in a state of “We’re friends, we’re together, we are permeated by a common spirit, and everything is good.” And suddenly, a few minutes later, you see how egoism breaks out and literally out of nowhere, without any apparent reason, they begin to compete and skirmishes arise between them.

This is a wonderful motive to figure things out and train them to stop and think. And it’s not just to restrain the aggression, but also to remember the good state they were in where they treated each other differently, and to let that motivate them to achieve a higher state now by changing their egoism into a good connection, into friendship.

And suddenly the children begin to understand that this egoism is their friend, their buddy. It is always egging them on, pushing them toward each other from behind, and making them collide with each other, but in reality it is necessary in order for them to rise above it in a great connection.

Children begin to constantly guess what nature’s plan is. They begin to understand that their own nature is egoistic and its constant agitation—a person’s constant aspiration to subjugate another, to rule over another and to use him—is really a blessing, driving us to constantly develop altruistically.

Nature’s profound plan is to turn us into independent people, yet in a constantly developing connection with each other. Then we will sense that we are constantly rising above our world. Thus, we begin to perceive ourselves as integral, feeling completely new spheres of Nature, its higher forces and integral plans. This is something new that cannot be present in an individualist.

There is a system in which individualists work, each of whom feels all the states only inside himself. But if we create the integral connection between us, we will feel the entire system, all of the information and forces that circulate inside that system. And then we won’t feel bound by the individual sensation of our bodies, thoughts, and desires. We will come out to the next level of feeling life, which is called “human.”

At first Adam was created, and then he “divided” into many people. This is how the Bible allegorically describes it. Therefore, we can call our common unity “Adam,” and our common sensation is a certain basic sensation of Nature, which greatly differs from our individual perception of reality.

A person comes out of his personal boundaries and feels himself connected to the infinite, eternal nature, the eternal flow of energy and information. This gives him such an illumination in life that for its sake he is ready to accept any egoistic urges and overcome them.

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