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The Law of Universal Interaction

– What do you mean when you say, “the laws of Nature”?

– I mean the laws of Nature that Nature is revealing to us today, because out of all the elements in Nature, man is the most developed. It’s necessary to understand that we exist within Nature and not above it. We submit to it. Therefore, we should study the laws of Nature and follow them. If we do, we will always be in a comfortable state and will feel good.

This enormous system permeates us with different forces. All of our thoughts and desires come from it. By “Nature,” we refer to the system of forces that controls all of matter, energy, and information, everything—from subatomic particles through mammoth constellations, and beyond—and also the levels of Nature that we have not attained and that we hope to discover in the future.

The more we research Nature, the more it is revealed to us as integral, a single whole. And therefore, the integral approach to the world is becoming truly sought after.

– Can you give an example of one of the laws of Nature?

– The law of the universal interaction of all the forces, all the laws, all the elements of Nature. In Nature, they always exist in their total correspondence.

This system contains myriad equations with innumerable changing parameters, and they must all be brought to unity with each other, to a single integral whole.

These equations contain one main unknown, one parameter—man—who has been given freedom of will and can willingly or coercively participate in the act of bringing everything in existence to the common integral whole.

Today, humanity is still pondering whether or not it should join this integral unification of Nature, which Nature is starting to realize in our time. We have to join the system of Nature consciously, voluntarily, independently, by moving together with Nature. That is how we will learn from Nature. We will attain this unification conjointly, in a coordinated fashion. By understanding it, we will create a different society and different relationships among us.

We will understand what the integral Nature is and how it works. We will see the whole system and will discover its concealed factors, which influence us but are still unknown today. We will be able to feel the deep, secret reason for everything that exists on our small planet and in the cosmos. We will discover the reasons for our inner states and the conditions for attaining absolute comfort—the causes of life and death, of all evolution, which are contained in Nature, and the common plan of Creation.

Astrophysicists feel the universe as a thought. And we will be able to discover that thought if we voluntarily “go for it,” meaning without resisting it and without remaining small, miserable animals on the surface of our planet. If we desire to study in order to change ourselves, we will be able to truly understand the entire system of the universe and solve all these equations. This wonderful, enthralling idea will elevate us and the whole of humanity to the human level.

However, if we resist it, Nature will still bring us there, but it will do so by exerting pressure, through great suffering, whose beginning we are already beginning to sense. Then we will be forced to reduce our egoism, start gathering into groups, and learn to live together. It’s well known that suffering brings people closer. Thus, through negative influences, and Nature has a lot of them in store for us on different levels, we will still be brought to a state where we will rise above our egoism and attain the right, integral interaction.

But the price will be tremendous: wars, suffering, and losses. And as a result, the relics of humanity that survive will still have to become similar to Nature.

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