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Crisis as an Opportunity

By and large, the rise of a new economic system has taken humanity by surprise. In the past, we built connections and social and economic systems to match our needs and the way in which we interrelate. Now, suddenly, these systems seem insufficient to manage our lives so we can live in peace and comfort. Instead, the global-integral system seems to have its own laws.

The interdependence and tightening connections among all of life’s systems leave us no choice but to change our own interconnections accordingly. Interdependence among people, firms, and countries cannot exist in an economic system based on a zero-sum game, characterized by aggressive competition, an emphasis on maximizing personal gain, and manipulation.

The interdependence among the various elements of the global system is in stark contrast to the social and economic gaps that continue to exist within and between countries. This global, ego-based system has become completely ineffective, making it impossible to continue using it. Indeed, the relationships we built previously have led to this crisis. In a sense, the crisis offers us an opportunity to examine the nature of our relations and to change it so it fits what is required in this global world, and the necessary interdependence of its parts. Such harmony and congruence will necessarily create a different economy, this one more optimistic, balanced, and stable.

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