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Michael Laitman, PhD


“Besides its achievements in the development of culture and science, each generation also passes on to the following generation the common human experience it has accumulated. This memory passes from generation to generation in the same way energy is passed from a rotted grain to a newly emerged sprout. The only thing that exists is the passage of memory, energy or Reshimo. On the other hand, all matter rots in the same way a human body rots and all information passes to the rising soul. Afterwards this soul inhabits new bodies and realizes this memory or Reshimo.

What is the difference between the passage of information through a seed during the birth of a young couple’s offspring and the passage of information that takes place when the soul of a deceased person incarnates into a new body? After all, the parents are still alive in our world and their children live together with them! What souls inhabit their offspring?

Over the course of all centuries all nations inherently possess an immense desire to pass their knowledge on to their offspring in inheritance. They want to pass onto them the very best and most valuable things. The best way to realize this is not through upbringing or teaching, or through the means employed by “Domem de-Kdusha” or regular society.

The passage from one generation to another takes place precisely by way of a spiritual “package”. Therefore in order for a person to pass the very best things on to his offspring the most correct action for a person to do is to correct himself and therefore to improve his seed or his soul. The person’s concern should be for his soul to leave his body in its most corrected form.

This way we see that a person passes his soul on to his offspring, as well as what his soul contains. In addition, he does not pass anything on by way of systems of upbringing, community and anything else existing on earth. The passage takes place only by way of the spiritual level rather than material forms.”

Michael Laitman, excerpt from the book Spiritual Search

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