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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Purpose of Creation

There is nothing birthed by the upper governing force without a purpose. Therefore this force itself undoubtedly has a goal for the creation unraveled before us. The reality birthed by the upper governing force is very multifarious. From all this variety, the intelligent perception is of special importance. This perception has been given exclusively to man and it allows him to perceive the suffering of others around him. Therefore, if the upper governing force has a goal of creation then its object is man and everything was created only in order for man to reach his predestination, meaning for him to achieve the state of perceiving the upper force that governs him. He should perceive it in the same way he perceives everything around him.

As a result of becoming close to the upper force or achieving equivalence to it with regard to the attributes of bestowal and love, an immense pleasure emerges in a person. This pleasure can reach the wonderful perception of complete mutual contact with the upper governing force.

All creation is the desire to receive. That is, it is the feminine origin relative to the Creator, Who is the masculine origin or the desire to bestow. In turn, creation is also divided into the masculine and feminine parts. If creation becomes equivalent to the light and becomes the same as the light then it is called the masculine part. On the other hand, if it remains without the light and receives then it is called the feminine part. This is all from the point of view of creation’s correction. Besides correction there also exists a natural division in which the masculine part is the first ten Sefirot (Keter, Hochma, Bina, Hesed, Gvura, Tifferet, Netzah, Hod, Yesod) and the feminine part is Malchut.

In our world everything occurs as a result of the division of Adam’s soul into 600,000 souls. These parts differ in their degree of correction and they must alternatively play either masculine or feminine roles. That is, they must sometimes go along the right line (the bestowing or masculine part) and sometimes along the left line (the receiving or feminine part). All Names of the Torah (the Bible) are spiritual attainments along the ladder of ascent. However, in order to achieve each Name it is necessary to alternatively play the masculine role at times and the feminine role at other times, which symbolize the right and left lines. For example, there exist both masculine and feminine sides on the levels of Pharaoh, Moshe, Israel and the nations of the world, but each specific name is achieved only one time and on a specific level.

Man and woman are the embodiment of the relationships between Zeir Anpin and Malchut of the world of Atzilut. Their connection’s essence and level give a specific name to a level. Masculine and feminine states are constant states on all 125 spiritual levels.

The common Kli is divided into two parts. One of these parts originally aspires forward. This is Galglata ve-Einaim. The other part does not aspire forward; this is the AHP of the common soul. Beside this, AHP is also divided into 70 parts and all these parts are divided into masculine and feminine parts. What takes place is division into a huge amount of various groups and attributes. The common soul’s division into these two parts, the masculine and feminine, is very precise.

The feminine soul, in contrast to the masculine, is a soul that performs a more common correction. Over the course of our existence we go through reincarnations (Gilgulim) and we return to this life many times. Each time we choose and accumulate Reshimot or bitter experience from this life. All the blows we accumulate make us more sensitive to perceiving the spiritual.

In the current reincarnation we have reached such a point that we have begun to understand the way in which we should aspire toward the spiritual. This is the result of many dozens and hundreds of reincarnations. There is common correction and there is particular correction. During the period of incarnation when we are located in our world, before we pass the Machsom (the boundary separating our world from the spiritual) and leave the perceptions of our world, what type of body (male or female) our soul inhabits is significant.

Afterwards, when souls pass the Machsom and enter the perceptions of the Upper world, it is no longer significant who is a man and who is a woman. We will all be Kabbalists – the soul does not have a gender. Of course, there are differences between souls, but they are not purely based on gender. The differences regard what part of the common soul each of the souls relates to.

Question: Will all people, nations and individuals reach the goal of creation? Or is there a distinction according to race, nationality, gender, age, etc.?

The Creator created His creations in the form of still, vegetative, animal and human natures. The still nature is the lowest and the human is the highest. Besides this all nature is vertically (from up down) divided into two genders.

Man differs from the rest of nature because his task is to reach the goal of creation independently. The other parts of nature ascend to the goal of creation, to eternity and perfection, along with man. That is, they depend on man. However, everyone will achieve the goal of creation. Among people there is also a division according to levels as well as into outer and inner parts. (For more detail about this, see Introduction to the book of Zohar in The Book of Zohar by Rav Laitman.)

The male and female parts of creation divide the whole universe from up-down and they are correspondingly parallel and opposite of each other. They complement each other, but never duplicate each other’s functions. However, women usually lay a claim to male functions. What are the feminine functions in creation?

Before our time only chosen men were admitted to study Kabbalah. In our time, as Kabbalists of the past have said long ago, and as our great contemporary Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag writes, everyone can study Kabbalah; everyone without any exceptions. Of course, this includes women. The distinction is only that the gender differences in our world come from the difference in the spiritual roots. Therefore the methodology of studying and applying Kabbalistic knowledge is different for men and women and they must be taught separately. All our classes are translated over the Internet and over our telephone system. The entrance is free as well as all our services. A woman enters Kabbalah and the upper world in the same way a man does.

Question: How can the world exist if everything constantly changes?

The world will continue to exist in the same way it exists right now. Even right now every one of us, and the world as a whole change their opinions, perceptions, doubts and decisions. The world will only advance, working out all its intermediate states faster, and arrive at the Goal.

Today a person changes his profession several times during his life. In the future the concept of “profession” will no longer exist. That which you learned yesterday is no longer suitable today. Such a great renewal in the sciences and technology will take place that you will constantly have to learn new things. You will easily change one thing for another. The notion of a “profession” will no longer exist, as in “I finished a university, so it means I am already in a specific profession”. No, this notion will no longer operate since change will occur so rapidly.

How did things operate in the past? “I was born in my village and I lived there my entire life.” Today we see that everything falls apart. The family falls apart, people remarry two or three times, they raise children in a different family or in a third or fourth family, they change their profession, move, and so on. The whole world in general is moving somewhere! Can we not see this today?

Why is it taking place? It is the result of the development of egoism, pushing us towards increasingly faster changes. In reality this is for the best. Although it may seem to you that all these changes can cause instability in the world, in reality it is just the opposite. They will bring us to realize why the world is unstable.

“Let’s not go so fast, slower. Let’s do away with cars and trains. We’ll stop moving, and return to the previous century – everything was so good then.”

Look at the movies of the previous century, the 20th. How slowly everyone strolls around and thinks. Can you even look at them? You do not even have enough patience to watch those movies. Can someone today read the novels of those times? Can the young generation read novels written 200 years ago? It cannot. Those novels were designed for a completely different person. Over the course of their entire lives people experienced that which a person today experiences in two days. To today’s person, their experiences are humorous.

Therefore all these changes match our developing egoism. Otherwise, without these immense changes, we would not be able to realize our current egoism. Today egoism develops in a person qualitatively much faster every minute. It develops within him according to a parabola. For example, 10 pounds of egoism is added to me every minute. In the past, in the previous century, 10 pounds of egoism was added to me over the course of a year, and now it is added over the course of a day. In this case, what should I do? I must change my opinion 20 times over the course of a day, change all my activities and do something else. I must do this in order to realize the egoism that grows in me. It causes these changes in me unwillingly, whether I want it or not. We are not saying that I wind myself up on purpose or that I do anything in order for this to occur. We can see how nature itself compels humanity. With every year this will become more and more intense, or faster and faster.

In this way, today’s acceleration takes place as a year for a thousand years compared to the past. As a result we will observe a completely different world in several years. We cannot look at a year as being the same time period it was in the previous century or the century before that. Today, a year is a completely different measurement.

It is incorrect to say, “…until humanity ripens, until something happens to it…” We cannot even suppose what will happen to it in a year. Life exceeds all fantasies. This is rhythm.

We can see how many people change their profession, their family and place of residence. Look at what is happening in the world. People are dropping everything and leaving to start a new life, as if they were born anew.

Why does this occur? A person’s inner desire changes so much that he does not want to take anything from his previous life with him. He moves to a totally different country and begins a totally different life.

Once upon a time, two hundred years ago, could we think such a thing about a person? If you were born in this village then you would live in it. If your father was a blacksmith then you would be one as well, as was the case in everything. Today a person cannot remain the same even in his own life. And it will continue to increase. This way the world will reach the correct existence faster. We cannot be afraid of development and everything the egoistic desire compels us to do. Let it compel us to do anything, if this will cause us to realize its evil faster.

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