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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

48. The Primary Basis

I heard on the evening after Shabbat, Vayera, November 8, 1952

The primary basis is a path that is known to all. The care and the guard regarding the intellect is because it is built on the foundation of a question. If one encounters the known question, one must be armed and protected to stand guard and instantaneously reply with the known answer.

In other words, the whole structure is built on questions and answers, when one who is on the path of the Creator, and is rewarded with building the structure of Divinity. And when one has no place for questions and answers, he is called “standing.”

The Creator has prepared a place even to those who have already been granted the permanent clothing of Divinity, and are already on the path of degrees, who no longer have a place for the above work. In this place they have a free basis where faith can be.

Although it is difficult to understand how such a thing can be in high degrees, the Creator Himself can do such a thing. This is the meaning of the correction of the middle line, and the prohibition on reception from the left line.

At the same time, we see that Hochma appears only in Malchut. And even though Malchut is an opposite attribute from Hochma, still, the place for the appearance of Hochma is precisely here in Malchut.

This is the meaning of, “and let this ruin be under thy hand.” Our sages said that one does not stand on a law unless he has failed in it. Law means a discernment of Malchut (and this is the meaning of the bride; when going to the bride it is called “law” [1]). It is built solely on obstacles, meaning on a time of questions. When one has no questions, one does not have the name “Faith” or “Divinity.”

[1] In Hebrew, the words “bride” and “law” are written with the same letters, except in a different order.

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