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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

49. The Most Important Is the Mind and the Heart

I heard on Thursday, Vayera, November 6, 1952

There should be a preparation on the discernment of “mind,” in that work which refers to the discernment of faith. This means that if one is neglectful in the work of faith, one falls into a state of wanting only knowledge, which is a Klipa (Shell), which is against the Holy Shechina (Divinity). Hence, one’s work is to strengthen the discernment of “mind” every time.

Similarly, if one feels negligence in the work of the heart, one needs to strengthen the work that relates to the discernment of “heart,” and perform opposite operations, meaning affliction of the body, which is the opposite of the will to receive. The difference between negligence in the work of the mind and the work of the heart is that there is an evil Klipa (shell) against the mind that can prompt a state of “pondering the beginning.”

Hence, one must perform opposite actions, meaning in every renewal of the discernment of “mind,” he will take upon himself remorse for the past and acceptance of the future. One can receive the source that causes it from the discernment of “still.” And the matter of the clothing of faith is a perpetual and eternal thing. Hence, one will always have it as a measurement if one’s work is clean or not, since the clothing of Shechina departs only due to a flaw, either in the mind or in the heart.

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