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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

200. The Purification of the Masach

I heard in Tiberias, Kislev 1, Shabbat

The Hizdakchut (purification) of the Masach (screen), which occurs in the Partzuf, causes the departure of the Light, too. And the reason is that after the Tzimtzum (restriction), the Light is captured only in the Kli of the Masach, the rejecting force. And this is the essence of the Kli.

And when that Kli leaves, the Light leaves, too. This means that a Kli is considered faith above reason. And then the Light appears. And when the Light appears, its nature is to purify the Kli, to cancel the Kli of faith. Because this is so, meaning that it comes into a form of knowing in him, the Light immediately leaves him. Thus, he should see to increasing the Kli of faith, meaning the Masach over the knowing, and then the abundance will not stop from him.

And this is the meaning of each Kli being deficient of Light, that it is not filled by the Light that it lacks. It follows that every place of dearth becomes a place for faith. Were it filled, there would be no possibility for a Kli, a place for faith.

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