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Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam)

201. Spirituality and Corporeality

I heard on Hanukah 1, December 18, 1938

Why do we see that there are many people who work so diligently for corporeality, even in life-threatening places, but in spirituality, each and every one examines one’s soul very carefully? Moreover, one can exert in corporeality even when one is not given a great reward for one’s work. But in spirituality, one cannot agree to work unless one knows for certain that he will receive a good reward for his work.

The thing is that it is known that the body has no value. After all, everyone sees that it is passing and leaves without a trace, so it is easy to abandon it, as it is worthless anyway.

However, in spirituality there is a discernment of Klipot (shells), which guard the body and sustain it. This is why it is hard to let go of it. This is why we see that it is easier for secular people to abandon their body, that they do not find heaviness in their body.

But this is not so in spirituality; it is the Achoraim (posterior) of Kedusha (Sanctity), called “devotion.” It is specifically through that that one is awarded the Light. And before one is completely devoted, one cannot achieve any degree.

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