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Michael Laitman, PhD

Previous Lives

Q: Is the experience from past lives kept somewhere when we die?

A: In the article, “The Freedom,” it is said that what one has acquired in this life becomes a characteristic in the next. But the information can also be transferred in an opposite form from the one it took in the previous life, because matter itself rots and vanishes between the two life cycles.

Q: If a person did not attain anything in past lives, where is the root of that person’s soul?

A: Any moment in one’s life, even if the person simply exists, is already a correction. That is because we are under the authority of nature and suffer from it, even if unconsciously, and so does the entire creation: the still, vegetative, animate and man. It is said in the Talmud that if a person wants to take a coin of a certain value out of his pocket, but instead finds a coin of a different value, it is already a pain for him, because he feels that his desire was not satisfied. Thus, the amount of pain is precisely determined, regardless of our feelings.

But we have the ability to choose, and to make our own efforts to accelerate the correction. When that happens, we will begin to feel our pain consciously and discover its root cause, and can then conclude that it is advisable to change our intentions in order to get rid of the pain.

Because of that, as we draw nearer to the purpose of creation, we change every minute of our lives. For that reason, each life cycle always seems different. Besides, there is the need for constant renewal of the links between the souls. Otherwise, the connections would not be fixed and there would not be the correction of the collective soul, which is the unification of all the souls.

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