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Michael Laitman, PhD

Ripe Souls

Q: I told my relatives about Kabbalah, but they wouldn’t listen. How do I open their hearts?

A: There are two types of people, meaning souls:

  1. Those who are in their preliminary stage and still do not feel the need for spiritual elevation. They are called “Still” - inanimate - in the spiritual sense of the word, because they do not correct themselves, they do not move toward spirituality, like the still in our world. In fact, this term accurately describes the souls of all the people in the world, except for a few hundred Kabbalists and their disciples.

  2. Those people (or souls) that have received a desire for spirituality from above, because it is their turn to start approaching the Creator. They find Kabbalah, begin to study and correct their attributes. In their new attributes, the corrected ones, they receive the sensation of the Creator the spiritual world. The question, “What is the meaning of my life?” is what motivates them. It is because of that question that they grow spiritually. They attain the Upper Worlds (in ascending order) – Assiya – Yetzira – Beria – Atzilut according to their efforts.

One who attains the degree of the world of Atzilut is called a “Man,” and before one attains the degree of Man, one’s spiritual development is respectively: Assiya – still; Yetzira – vegetative; Beria – animate.

I suggest that you do not try to persuade anyone, and in general refrain from speaking to people who oppose or do not wish to hear, as you will not convince them. A person should come to Kabbalah when ready. You can offer others a book, but nothing more. If they react, then the seed (the point in the heart) already exists in their soul. If no response is returned, then perhaps in a few life cycles the person will want what we want today.

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