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A Kabbalistic Reality

The Power in the Books of Kabbalah

Kabbalistic books are not like ordinary books. They’re not like the ones we buy in a bookstore, or like the ones we study in University. They are not even like the ones we study from in yeshivot (Rabbinical colleges). The special thing about the genuine books of Kabbalah is that reading them improves the reader, makes him feel something new, different, another sense, a sixth sense. It is in that sense that one begins to discover spirituality, see what is beyond our world. With it he begins to see the forces behind the objects of our world.

The minute we are able to go beyond this outer shell before us, we will begin to feel the forces that revolve our reality and operate on it. Then we will able to connect with those forces, influence them, see what exactly we are doing right, and what we’re doing wrong; how we should behave in order to match ourselves with a supreme and mighty force that surrounds the entire reality. This way we will be able to live consciously in a better world for all of us.

I do not mean to say that Kabbalah teaches us how to get on better in our lives at the expense of others. On the contrary: the contact with the upper world teaches how to refrain from hurting others, how to attain the true desire to give. The laws of the upper worlds are the only laws that exist in reality; they raise humanity to the degree of Man. We currently have no contact with them, and because of that we break them and thus inflict harm on others and ourselves.

Question: Will the study of Kabbalah immediately change the reality in Israel? Will it stop the shooting and terror, and perhaps even their desire to destroy us?

Answer: I’ve been studying this science for more than twenty years now. In order to relate seriously to what we see in our study, and to understand exactly what is the desire that pushes us from above it takes more than sitting and delving in the books. It is not that the entire nation has to open books and start studying in some obligating framework. We still have to work, raise families, go to school, and we have to keep guarding ourselves and serve in the army.

As a start, let us begin to grasp the purpose of life, reality and indeed the entire creation. It is more important than the material goals of life, the purposes we all chase in our world. This will put us in the right direction; that will already be progress. This way we will begin to actively cling to the upper force. We will become alert to the fact everything really does come from above. It is not like we thought of until today, when we passively thought that everything comes from above and it would all fall into place. Today we all have to participate in it. We must begin to try and understand and take an active part in reality, and by that we will immediately change it.

If we develop and better understand our role, if we take into our own hands the management of providence, as we are requested from above, we will really be able to see how the world around us becomes a better, calmer and serene place. It must be an immediate change, because there is no delay in spirituality. But as long as we are not in control of the upper forces it is our duty to defend ourselves in the ordinary way, as is the custom of this world.

Question: You mean everyone must go to the army, no exceptions?

Answer: I learned from my rabbi, Baruch Ashlag that a person must work, study, and serve in the army, for his country and his people. We have to use everything in our world and the only thing we need to learn is what is the right way to use it.

The problem is that to the extent that we cannot and do not know how to conduct our world and our lives through the upper force, through the upper world, to that extent we feel our lives in the world as bothersome, painful and a burden. It is a life of pain and torment with the army, hard work and trouble. Only to the extent that we can correct reality can we be freed from these things.

Question: So there is an upper will, and we, little people, must obey it; what is that will?

Answer: The upper will, called the Creator, wants from us to be his partners. He sees us as his sons, as all the books say. What we call “the end of correction” and the “coming of the Messiah” is really an ascent of man to the degree of the Creator, where we unite. Man becomes united with the Creator according to his awareness, and the strength that he requests from above, receives and acquires. Then he begins to be a part of the global spirituality. Only this way can a person avoid trouble in his life, because all the troubles come for the sole purpose of forcing us to search for the reason for them, and then one discovers that the reason for them is the detachment from the upper spiritual worlds, from spirituality.

Question: What do you propose to do right now?

Answer: I propose reading books, listening to cassettes, reading the texts on the Internet site that concern this issue and commence studying the nature of our duty to the upper force. And most importantly, we have to start thinking and picturing in any way possible, that behind all the events that occur, there is one supreme force, which is trying to wake us up unpleasantly to take the good path. It is turning us in an increasingly unpleasant way to the actual reality.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is not just a wisdom, it is the wisdom of truth; it is a real science, a way to study the upper world, and use it scientifically as in any science. The wisdom of Kabbalah renders a practical method to enjoy the upper world and it is the most practical method to learn how we can enjoy the entire reality in the right way.

Question: What can I do right now so that I don’t feel bad, so that I will not suffer and that we avoid trouble?

Answer: Unfortunately, you do not understand that it is about the united force of everyone together, about the power of will and the power of thought of the entire nation. If all of us, as a nation, relate differently to the force that comes from above, that will be the best way for us to influence reality and change it. That refers also to the reality that threatens us right now. It doesn’t matter if the threat will be with tanks, planes or missiles, or a multitude of Arabs; it will change our reality completely; it will be a completely different life.

We are chosen in that our souls have the powers of thought and desire, which, if used correctly, can induce an immediate change in reality. The collective power of our thought, which will change to appreciate spirituality instead of corporeality, will change the entire reality from above in our favor. It will be the exact opposite of the situation that we are facing today. This entire change depends only on how we relate to the mission at hand, against what has been placed before us from above.

We currently don’t know the powers of thought and will that are concealed in us, though we have the greatest powers of thought and will in the world, and in that we are chosen. But if we change our attitude to spirituality, and to the upper worlds, to what we call the guidance of the Creator, we will see that he, and only he, watches over everything that happens to us. We will begin to relate to it differently, and start to learn how we can change those things, and take the leadership into our own hands.

There is no need to know how to change the situation right now, but the very desire and the strive to understand what is happening to us, the concern for who it is who operates our reality and why, and the feeling that we are being lead from above toward some unknown goal, that this guidance is perpetual, that very attitude and the thought and the change of values in regards with the upper spiritual force vise-a-vie our corporeal forces are by themselves enough to change our situation drastically.

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