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A Spiritual Task

Question: Can reality be changed by just anyone?

Answer: That depends on whether or not he is thinking of the Creator. If his soul has ripened through all the cycles and its time has come to know spirituality, there is nothing that can help him, he will have to enter the process of spiritual correction and learn to manipulate the spiritual powers. It doesn’t matter where he is in the world, there will be torments and catastrophes standing ready for him wherever he goes, as long as he does not realize it. In the end, we are at the center of the world and there is no escape from that. Even if a person runs off to Australia, the Creator will get him there as well.

Question: What is going to happen to us if we do not wake up now?

Answer: I anticipate an increase in troubles. The more we neglect the matter, the stronger will be the force that we will need in order to put us back on track. It is just like physics: anything you throw, and is diverted from the right path, the longer it continues off track, the greater its yaw and the greater is the force needed to bring it back to the right track. That is what is going to happen with us; we don’t have a choice but to start listening to what is happening with us.

Question: What is the most urgent thing?

Answer: It is most urgent to realize that nothing just happens without a good reason, and that our behavior influences what comes down to us from the upper worlds. We cannot act like beat up little children, cry and search for ways to escape them until the next time. We are demanded to become a mature adult humanity; one that knows what it is doing and can assume responsibility to its actions.

Question: Where will the change begin?

Answer: It will begin by keeping in mind that nothing just happens without a reason; that there is a reason for our condition. That will start a change in our lives and then we will also start to look for the reason for anything that happens to us in this world.

Question: Still, isn’t there a way to get out of it?

Answer: I have already said that no one can escape it, but he whose soul is not yet ready, because he can live anywhere he chooses and be completely unaware of what is happening. But those who must already begin to use the upper force and implement their assignment will have troubles wherever they go. The troubles will not leave them until they start taking the right path. Everything comes from the upper force, which operates on the souls and pushes them according to their own pace of development, and he whose time has come to know the upper world, simply cannot escape.

Question: But there are still people who sleep quietly and don’t worry about the future?

Answer: The world is built like a pyramid. The souls develop slowly, ripen, and mature. Some are beginning the process right now, and some still wait in line. I am addressing primarily those who have to start acting right now in changing reality. I do not expect everyone to rush off seeking what the Zohar speaks of, but those who do have the feeling that it belongs to them, that mission lies on their shoulders, people who ask the question: “What is the meaning of my life?” are those whose time has come to know the spiritual world. It is a question that comes from above and there is only one answer to it: to know the force that awakened the question in me to begin with, bond with him, approach him and work alongside him.

Question: Would the coming of the entire Jewish nation to live in Israelinduce the desired change?

Answer: No. This country will become important and people will come to live here only if we tell ourselves and the rest of the world, that this county is important for everyone, and that we are assuming our mission as the chosen people: to start building the spiritual center of the world right here, the third temple. That is also what the gentiles expect us to do.

Question: Why is it so important that we work on the attainment of the upper spiritual worlds, specifically in the landof Israel?

Answer: Every place on earth has a different force acting on it. If a person moves from one place to another, it is because forces act upon him even if he only moves from a place he was at a minute ago. We cannot grasp how much we are operated like marionettes and have nothing of our own except the thought about the upper force and the desire for connection with him. All other things in us are only operations from above.

Every country, every place on earth has its own force. Israel has a special force to it. If we live here, we must be in unique balance with the upper force; otherwise we will have to be expelled from here as we were exiled before. But the four exiles have already passed and there will not be another exile, because it is determined by the inner structure of the soul. Instead, there will be only growing torments here, until we finally realize that we must ascend in the spirit to attain the spiritual land of Israel as well.

Question: I am a man only in that part of me that thinks of the Creator. What about the rest of me?

Answer: The rest is not ours. It is a part where there is no free choice; it is completely activated from above; it is our beastly part. If we start to actually connect with the upper force and want to attain adhesion with the force that determines and acts, decides and guards, then that part of us, which will cleave to the upper forces, is man. The rest is just a consequence of what descends from above.

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