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How to Study Correctly

Question: What happens to a person once he’s opened a Kabbalah book?

Answer: If an ordinary person would open a Kabbalah book in the right way, meaning after he has studied the introductions and went through some preparations, after he’s been given a certain ‘key’, he would see how to communicate with the forces that act on him and our entire world, and will know what to do with them.

In a Kabbalistic prayer book it says, for example: “Extend light from Partzuf Leah, pass it through Partzuf Zeir Anpin to its three Sefirot of NHY, then come down to Rachel, then couple them one with the other.” It is called a Kabbalistic sidur (prayer book), meaning a guide, a manual with the exact instructions as to how to change things in the control room of reality, what should be changed above in order to induce the desired change below.

In every generation, the Creator raises a few souls to do this work for the collective. But in our generation, everyone must do this work, not together, because some are more advanced or less, but everyone must open the books of Kabbalah and begin to study the instructions, in order to know how to change reality. We have to reach the same level and quality of performance within ourselves, as is described in the books, in order to change what we must in the upper worlds. All of mankind will eventually have to enter that control room and everyone will come to a place reserved for him alone.

Question: What are ‘intentions’ (aims) in Kabbalah?

Answer: Every thing that is written in the sidur (the Jewish prayer book), and the way it is written, is called a prayer and an intention (aim). Prayer and the aim describe the kind of work and the way the desires and thoughts about reality are used. There is no other force that can influence reality besides the power of thought and man’s power of will. Kabbalists have prepared for us these manuals, which show us how to work with our desires. All we need to know is how to read them and what to do. This is, in fact, what we are required to do right now.

Question: What does studying a book that was written by Kabbalists give me, besides some technical operating instructions?

Answer: The Creator wants us to manage reality by ourselves, seemingly without him. We study the books and become able to perform the things that are written there. By that we attain his degree, become his partners in every way. By that we obtain things that are even hard for us to describe: wholeness, spirituality, pleasure, and tranquility, the feeling of endlessness, eternity above and beyond life and death. There are no words to describe those feelings. Only he who comes to that can see the difference between this reality and our world.

But I am talking only about what we must do. I am not speaking right now from the perspective of the things that are there for us, what we will attain by it, things that go beyond this world; unimaginable pleasures, splendid attainments that give you anything you might wish for. But I am speaking from the perspective of our world, from the perspective of pain. I am trying to explain that we must start studying now because of the pain and suffering that are ahead of us if we don’t start performing our mission.

There are two ways to teach a person to do his work: the first is short, fast and painless, called “the path of Kabbalah.” The second, however, is a way of continuous torment and pain called “the path of pain.” Right now, I am referring to the way of advancing through pain, because the Israeli reality is on that path and we need to make a swift and drastic change, in order to prevent a major catastrophe from inflicting horrendous pains on all of us.

Question: Isn’t it a bit too much to think that people would stand in line to study Kabbalah? To most, it seems very unreal to reach a good life by simply studying something.

Answer: I don’t think so. The upper power works on us slowly, over years, but every now and again, when some time has passed and we did not make sufficient progress, that power intensifies and begins to move in a crooked way instead of directly. We can clearly see it in our past: see how much humanity has gone through in the past two thousand years compared to what it has gone through in the last one hundred years. And the pace will only grow faster – in one year we will go through as much as we would in several years in the past. Each year the pace will increase and become more intense.

We do not perceive how they prepare for us such forces for correction above, in order to bring us back to the right track. I can clearly see it, and perhaps that is why it seems that I am alerting against it more than others, and that it is more important to me than to others. But I see the things that can happen if we don’t go in the right direction and that is where my alarm comes from. We have to make haste and fulfill our mission without waiting for the terrible blows that will eventually make us do it anyhow.

Question: Can a Kabbalist see these things in advance?

Answer: Of course! Reality already exists; it is up to us to make it materialize for better or for worse.

Question: Can a Kabbalist in a high degree change today’s reality?

Answer: A Kabbalist cannot change the situation by himself. He needs a group that studies with him and tries to change things along with him. But today even that is not enough; we now need the entire nation, or at least the majority of it to understand its mission and begin to advance in spirituality and study the structure of the upper worlds.

Question: What is the most important thing besides studying?

Answer: For people to understand the importance of the practice of Kabbalah, and see what their lives and happiness depend on, as well as the fate of the country and our personal safety. Today, anyone can choose the right way for him to bond with this science, and the means become constantly easier to come by: there are books, an extensive and updated Internet site, several classes a day broadcasted live and lectures everywhere.

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